Our Story

A Pioneer in Power Distribution & Control

Shivalic is an ISO certified pioneering technology leader that manufactures and supplies best in class Electric Panels for Power Distribution & Control. Managed by professionals with over 40 years of experience in this domain Shivalic is unarguably the first choice among the industry leaders.

Shivalic manufactures its products with an aim to provide human safety, utmost quality, technical superiority and timely delivery. With this commitment, we enjoy an enviable market share in India and abroad.

Our huge assembly line is well-equipped with latest machines procured from the renowned brands like Trumpf machine,Ermaksan,Gasprini, Amada, LVD-HD machine and Bosch. We aim to provide complete support systems to fulfill the clients needs in flawless and efficient manner.

our vision

It's our goal to be most customer-centric company globally, admired for it's products, people, partnership and performance.

our mission

Shivalic's mission is to give people, the power for measuring, controlling and analyzing the current and voltage with safety.

We are the employer of choice offering team members opportunities for growth, advancement and rewarding careers in a safe working environment.

The philosophy behind our new brand identity

The concept of our logo is based on the metaphysics theory of life force energy (Chi). Energy can't be destroyed, it can only be transformed as per the need.

Power transmission and regulation is one of core business of "Shivalic". We have tried to depict it in a simpler way.

When we rub two palms we can experience an energy flow (the prana).

Our new logo depicts this philosophy and it also depicts the "S" – the first character of "Shivalic" which is part of the registered name of the company.

Powered by experts. Managed by professionals.

Chairman’s Message

    Shivalic is powered by a team of professionals who have combined experience of over four decades. Our Design & Engineering, Marketing, Purchase, Customer Service team work in synergy with a goal to provide best products and services to clients.

Mr. Amit Jindal
Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Amit JINDAL, the Chairman & Managing Director of SHIVALIC is a well-known personality in the field of electrical industry for the last 14 years. He believes in hard work and always says Success is measured not by what you create for yourself but by what you leave behind. He done his B.Tech in Electrical, Electronics & Power.

Mr. Amit JINDAL, the son of Dr. K. S. Jindal Ji is now a Chairman & Managing Director of an electrical panel manufacturing company which has more than 186 employees. One can understand well, the meaning of commitment and dedication when one walks through the corridors of the schools and the colleges. He has proved it loud and clear that wherever you work with commitment and dedication, you will make a mark and attract the attention of millions.

He is actively involved in social service and generous in donating a lot to helpage India and other social service organizations. He is keen in rural development also.

As a man of integrity and honesty, he sets an example for all and loves to connect with the employee, motivating and molding them into ideal person. In the highly competitive field of manufacturing, it may be a glorious dream for many an employist to see his company as the best and get an award at least once in life.

6P Core Values

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