Prisma Panel

about this product

Factors that make the difference

  • Wall mounted and floor standing as per IEC 61439-1&2.
  • Up to 4000A
  • Up to Ip54
  • Up to from 4B
  • Up to 85KA/standing

Meets Customers' Requirement

  • Reliability
  • Safety
  • Attractiveness
  • scalability
unique features

Simple-to-install Smart Panels connect your building to real saving in 3 steps

  • Measure
    Embedded and standalone metering & control capabilities.
  • Connect
    - integrated communication interfaces
    - Rready to connect to energy management platfroms
  • Save
    - Data-drive energy effciency actions
    - Real time monitoring and control
    - Access to energy and site information through on-line services

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